Skype/online lessons available.

My teaching approach is to build a foundation of chords, scales, and basic theory while introducing students to their favorite music. Once the student has the physical ability to maneuver around the fretboard confidently we then delve into what genre the student is most interested in. From there we go on to build up the techniques necessary to compliment the student’s musical interests. Its important to me to have my students to really enjoy the learning process. I play 6,7, and 8 string guitar and 5, 6 string bass....more info

Looking to improve your improv?

If you feel like your improvisation is stagnant and you aren't expressing your musical ideas in the way that you want I may be able to help. For me improvisation is the purest form of music as it is a stream of consciousness, connecting that you hear in your head to the fretboard. I find it important for all players to discover and develop their own unique voice on the instrument. Through the study of good technique/harmony and applied theory you can make a difference in how you approach soloing.

Production Music:

I've been writing/producing production music and my work has been on the following TV shows:

Fox Sports
Daily Show With Trevor Noah
The Voice
Diesel Brothers
E! News Live
Hot 20 Countdown
Nascar Raceday
Pawn Stars
and more...

More info and examples available here.

Available for Session Work - feel free to email me for details!

If you are interested in having me play on your latest project I am available for session work in most any genre...more info

New Loop Collection Available!

I'm very happy to announce my first loop collection which is available for purchase!

I worked hard to pull together some old school funk harmonies/melodies that will work great in your music production.

Thirty loops played in three different harmonies for a total of 90 uniquely nuanced loops. Recorded both wet ("amped" with a touch of room reverb) and dry for you to re-amp for a total of 180 loops.

A detailed Loop List provides a description of each loop's harmony and bpm.

Available for purchase here.