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A long time since an update, until now. No excuses, justifications or major catastrophies on my part, it just hasn't happened. I will provide a bit of pictorial entertainment for you guys in just a moment but first...well you know what comes first.

<moronaloge> So much time has past, so much idiocy and outright ineptitude to wallow in. First off: I'm a runner and I'm sure I've mentioned this before but if you're driving and come to a "T" intersection PLEASE look both ways. Don't just look at one direction. People like me are generally hoofing it and need to know if you can see me before I cross in front of you. Also please leave enough room for us lowly pedestrians to cross in front of the vehicle without having to have to get in the middle of the road. We as drivers like to nose out as far as possible to get in traffic. This can be detrimental to any and all runners who come across this situation.

We can always rail against the current state of the music industry and pretty much all its facets. Downloading has become a way of life and it looks like revenue previously generated by hard work and honed talent has gone by the way side. The artist gets shit on again. That's not to say that if the artist has a modicum of business accumen he/she can eke out a living. As one of many knuckleheaded guitar players I've had to turn to many different avenues related to music in order to try to create revenue. This disintegrating paradigm has almost had a Darwinian effect on musicians. You can't just be good at your instrument anymore. You have to be able to take advantage of the silver lining that lies within the internet. Through social media and video, musicians have been able to propel their career skyward from the comfort of their own homes and without a record label. I guess this is the new paradigm being put in place. The tough part, as a listener, is being able to sift through the chaff to get to the gold. That being said I'm not saying that achieving success through this new model is easy. It certainly isn't. It takes time, as in years, to build up a proper video catalogue. Revenue can actually be made through the advertisments on your YouTube channel. Many players have turned to teaching and creating downloadable content at very reasonable prices. Of course to achieve professional quality results you need very decent equipment. (multiple video cameras, microphones, powerful computer, assorted software etc) With all these items you need to have the skill to use them. So now besides being a guitar player you have to be a video editor, audio engineer and have a very decent knowledge of web development to make your wares available to the public. To be honest I think this is pretty empowering. I just wish that artists had more control of their material once it leaves their hard drive. I've found many of my songs sitting on servers in many different countries around the world, illegally. Someone's making money off of my hard work and to be honest I think its shameful. Its these type of people who will become a detriment to home grown artists. In general the internet is the proverbial double edged sword. It giveth and just as easily it taketh away. Its up to us to make sure that we do our best to tip the scale in our, the artitsts, favor.



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