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$14.99 (shipping inc. USA)
International +$15
NEW Sojourn - 2012
In Rapaport's fifth solo release he raises the bar and continues to challenge himself and the listener. He does this by threading interesting melodies through odd meter and aggressive, angular harmony. Juxtaposing jazz, funk, and progressive metal with strange ethereal atmospheres Rapaport takes you on a journey in which he hopes you'll find more satisfying with each listen. Each song is a snapshot in time as Rapaport continues his journey through the darker aspects of the human condition. A 12 page booklet accompanies each CD with artwork dedicated to each song.
$14.99 (shipping inc. USA)
International +$15
Homunculus - 2006
The sickness continues as Greg delves deep into the grey matter. Rooting around and exploring different attributes of the human psyche, he outlines his findings on his new release, Homunculus. Each song personifies an attribute through its style and compostion.
Greg Rapaport: Homunculus
$12.99 (shipping inc. USA)
International +$15
Azrael Block - 2003
Taking a darker path Greg explores more convoluted themes and the more unorthodox joining of musical ideas. His second true effort is consistently unconsistent in methodology and has proven to be a challenge to work on. Groove, technique and feel is the triangle that forms the common denominator in this new release.
Greg Rapaport: Azrael Block
$12.99 (shipping inc. USA)
International +$15
Wyrd - 2001
Greg's first serious instrumental project entitled "Wyrd" is an eclectic mix of prog-metal, jazz, rock and funk. On the disc, Greg challenges himself by mixing jazzy chord progressions with aggressive metal. By implementing clean melodic lines and bursts of fiery technicality in his solos, he establishes the common thread that holds the music together.
Greg Rapaport: Wyrd
$10.99 (shipping inc. USA)
International +$15
Nero - 1998
Greg's first serious band project starting in 1996. After countless auditions they had a lineup that was able to write and record their first and only cd. They played all over Westchester County and many great clubs in New York City including: The Spiral, The Elbow Room, The Continental and plenty more. Unfortunatley Nero never was able to work through artistic differences so the band came to an end.
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